We love this farm, we love what we do here and we want to share that with you!  That is one of the reasons why our CSA pick up is here at the farm: we want you here.  We bring our farm to your fork and we want you to see how the food is planted, cultivated and harvested.  Be part of that experience and share that with your children and grandchildren. 

We feel that the further our world advances technologically, the further we move away from truly understanding where our food comes from and that disconnect between farm and fork has widened with each generation.  When we bring our farm to your fork we bring it with knowledge and education.  Did you know a study of children age 5-12 has shown that they know so little about the foods they eat and how it’s produced that 5% believed strawberries grow inside the fridge and a massive 78% could not identify a broccoli plant?!? We find that sad and we want to change that by inviting you to our farm and offering farm tours, fun events and educational opportunities throughout the year.    

  • request a farm tour
  • ask about demonstrations on how food is planted, grown and harvested
  • arrange for a group/class to come learn about the many different varieties of vegetables we offer
  • contact us to discuss a possible farm themed birthday party or event
  • ask about using our beautiful scenery for your family/group pictures (you arrange for photography)

A schedule of events is soon to come! 

If you are not able to come to our farm, my next favorite way to see you is when you Meet me at the Market!  Meet me at the market is one of our social media campaigns that we use in our facebook, instagram and twitter posts to make you aware of what we will be offering at the local Farmer's Market and when you can meet us there.  Currently the Farmer's Market is closed for season but in late April/early May 2018 I will start posting what we have ready for harvest and when you can meet us at market so make sure you are following us on social media!