We love food - but not just any food.  We love fresh, locally grown, in season and chemical free food.  We also love this farm and the wonderful 1902 farmhouse that sits in the middle of it.  Buying this property in late summer of 2016 was the realization of a dream for us.   

Combining our love of fresh, locally grown food with our love of this property (and it's proximity to Pond River) it was then that the concept of Pond River Farm was born.  Using what was a former cattle farm we could create a local food resource for our family and for our community too. 

Starting a blueberry field was one of the first things we did.  Planting about half an acre of blueberries, we will continue to add to it yearly.  At some point we hope to grow it into a productive U-Pick operation and I'll talk more about that later! After the blueberries we installed a high tunnel and man, what a game changer for our farm that is!  We are able to plant earlier and harvest later, it is a true season extender.   In terms of big agriculture, Pond River Farm and its 20 acres is a small farm, but we have big dreams!  Currently we have vegetable, fruit and egg production and have plans for much more, we look forward to growing with you!