CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture and it is simply a share of the harvest at Pond River Farm.  Buying a 'farm share' is sort of like buying a magazine subscription --you pay up front then receive products at a consistent, established time.   Community Supported Agriculture works essentially that way; a CSA  member pays up-front and then comes to the farm each week, at an established time, to pick up their share of the farm’s harvest.  This is mutually beneficial as it guarantees the farmer an outlet for their products and in exchange, members get fresh, local, seasonal produce.  CSA builds relationships by connecting people to their food and their farmer.  When you join our CSA, you gain the ability to walk through the fields of crops and see your food being grown, the farm practices being used and you get to know your farmers on a first name basis.  (you can go to the Farm Tours and Events page to learn more about visiting the farm or click here)


Each week, from May to October (24 weeks) you’ll get the very best our farm has to offer.  We provide a grocery bag of fresh, in-season produce including vegetable staples like beans, tomatoes, salad greens and peppers to specialty items like blueberries, flowers, herbs and figs.  Once a month, you will also receive a value added product (jam, jelly, baked goods, pickles, etc.) but more than just the wonderful selection of fresh produce and farm products, you'll get the farm experience!  Not only can members see how their food is being grown, they can participate in the planting, weeding and harvest.  You are encouraged to bring your children and grandchildren to the farm so they learn about how food is grown.  Members will receive newsletters and recipes and they will also be able to participate in farm events and the end-of-season Harvest Dinner. 



A farm share will run for 24 weeks and costs $500.00.  That works out to be an average of $21.83 but the weekly value will be around $24 - $25 and in weeks of abundance the weekly value will be well over $30!  Our goal is to exceed your expectations in quality and quantity. Pay all at once or pay as you go, we offer a few different payment options to ensure that great tasting, fresh produce is available to you!  Ask about our referral program that could save you AND your referred friend $25 each! 


There are a few ways - pick what works best for you! 

  • email us at bunny@pondriverfarm.com  or message us on Facebook for details
  • print off and mail in the CSA Agreement form
  • or my personal favorite way - Meet me at the Market!  (we can sign you up in person during farmer's market)